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Hosted by Koç University, in Istanbul, Steve Perkins was a Guest Artist for Design and Art class. Observing the clash of traditional and modern, of religious and secular, provided deep personal reflection and provocative art. Along the way, wonderful friendships developed with young people, the next generation of Turkish leaders.





Cameraman/Producer Jim Menges met Steve Perkins in Delhi for their three weeks in India. A studio, courtesy of the Sanskriti Kendra, provided the base of operations as they made frequent excursions: into New Delhi; a bus trip to dusty Jaipur; and timed to coincide with Holi, the Festival of Color, a train ride to the birthplace of Krishna, Vrindavan.



Invited as the only non-Asian to participate in the first Fusing International Biennale "Asia, Post-Colonial, and Contemporary Arts", Steve Perkins worked in Taipei, Taichung, Lukang, and Kaohsiung.  



Lifestyle Art Project has been successfully produced in Thailand, China, Taiwan, India, and Istanbul. Each journey has a unique cycle from concept to research/planning to in-country creativity and ultimately production of a body of multimedia work as well as the many personal relationships formed along the way.

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